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He has given me permission to post this here. You need to have an accurate digital scale.

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Example, for a 10lb belly there is 4536g.

Bacon cure recipe reddit. Right, so i’ve read the easiest thing to try when dipping your feet into charcuterie was bacon.let’s just say that affordable bacon here is, well…crap. For example, add chili, maple. Rest for three days, then hot smoke to an internal temp of 155f using apple and pecan smoke woods.

Dry cured/ cold smoked bacon see bacon & the art of living, chapter 02: You can find bacon cure and some flavors of bacon rub here. Dry cured bacon dry cured bacon with nitrites bacon recipe:

Here are 7 easy steps to cure your own tasty meaty bacon at home. Written by kjudd on reddit. I have an 11 lbs pork belly would like to try two different flavours.

2% salt is 90.72g, cure is 11.34g, sugar is. Seriously, this is a great beginner curing recipe. Here, i simplified the cure, using just salt, some garlic, and cajun spice.

For dry rub cured bacon, use 0.25% cure #1 and 1.5 to 2% salt. Bacon a super simple way to make your own bacon 1 pork belly.25% grams prague powder (pink curing salt)2% grams mineral salt (kosher cut)1% grams erythritol (preferably brown) trim the. Wanted to post an update about my latest canadian bacon effort.

The instructions that came with it suggested 0.25% concentrations. If you were planning on brine curing your bacon, use pop's brine, no sugar, with 1 tablesoon of cure #1 and no more than 1/4 to 1/2cup kosher salt per gallon. I’m talking about main supermarket branded stuff.

I did six hours of cold smoke with an apple/post oak mix. 20.6m members in the food community. Back bacon used to be our house favourite though, before i started curing.

For my taste, 2% salt is perfect, 2.5% was too salty, just depends on how salty you like things. You don’t need any special equipment, except for a vessel large enough to hold the loin and the liquid and insta cure #1, and it doesn’t take too much time. 67g of supracure (see bringing home the bacon for more information on curing salt) 33g of molasses sugar;

Looking for a recipe for a basic bacon cure. Put the bay leaf and juniper berries in a spice grinder or pestle and mortar and grind to a medium texture. So, don’t be afraid, cure that meat!

To make 100g of cure (enough to cure about a kilo of belly pork), you will need: I have prague powder but it is white not pink. You should be able to get uncured slabs of bacon at your local butcher.

Normally, for my standard homemade savory bacon i cure the pork belly with salt and a lot of different herbs and seasonings. Weigh your meat, convert that to grams.

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