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Supercook is a recipe search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have at home. It won't really do a custom recipe for you, but you can search allrecipes by ingredients.

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An ingredient list is the list of ingredients and their amounts that should be used to prepare the recipe.

Input ingredients get recipe. You can immediately see — before clicking on a recipe — which ingredients you’re missing in order to complete each recipe. Find recipes based on ingredients that you have on hand. Type the first ingredient you want to use up in the search box and pick the best match from the drop down.

Supercook can help you save hundreds on grocery bills by showing you how to fully use the ingredients you have at home. Use the fitwatch recipe analyzer to get the numbers! You don't have any ingredients checked!

It usually comes before the directions and is someimtes encoded in html like the following: < h2 > ingredients </h2> < ul > < li > 1 cup chocolate chips </li> < li > 1/2 cup melted butter </li> < li > 1 cup oats </li> </ul> Enter a name for your recipe, as well as the amount of servings.

I just check off the ingredients i have and i get suggestions for recipes! Tell us what ingredients you need to use up. Find thousands of recipes you can make right now with the ingredients you have available at home.

Recipes by ingredients is a free mobile app download with no login required to find a recipe and no ads! Click on the ingredients you want and see them appear in my bar I need the user to input roast duck with marsala gravy.

This is a spicy thai variety of our favourite pumpkin soup. Recipes by ingredients is a new innovative recipe app that is a must have for any cook. After clicking on “get recipes”, you can further filter down by type of diet, number of calories, or category.

Search for foods from the usda food database. A quick and easy supper that's perfect for autumn! Drag & drop items to my pantry:

Check off the ingredients that you have to find recipes you can make. Select items to add to my pantry: Recipes by ingredients allows for searching based upon ingredients, allergies, calories, servings, time to cook, and meal type!

One or more ingredients can feature in the recipes. You can make it mild or spicy by using different types of chillies. Click on a food item and enter the quantity in the form that appears.

You can enter things you do and don't want included, which i find can be pretty useful. Find recipes organized by primary and important ingredients, like oils, flours and herbs. Select category, then drag & drop ingredient.

Thank you for your help: Recipe costing to make decisions input your ingredient and packaging costs to quickly understand your cost breakdown. Then, use ctl+f to search for your ingredients, one by one, and put a check mark next to each one.

That’s why i love recipe generators like fridge to table, foodcombo, my fridge food, and supercook: I’ve already found a couple of new favorite recipes through these sites, and it’s been fun to experiment and get creative.

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