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For the venison, remove any visible silver skin and cut the back strap into two pieces. Pan roasted venison denver leg noisettes, prosciutto tartlet with celeriac puree, tomato & anchovy cream sauce.

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Spread the mushroom mixture on top of the backstrap.

Venison backstrap recipes nz. This versatile range of recipes offers plenty of new ways. You can grill any venison steak, but backstrap or loin is a better cut for fast grilling. See more ideas about backstrap recipes, deer recipes, recipes.

Rub a little oil over the venison and liberally dust with the fresh herbs and season with salt and pepper. Properly grilled venison tenderloin, or backstrap, is one of the great rewards of deer hunting, and it is one of the basic skills any deer hunter needs to know. Sear the meat on all sides until well browned.

Add in the bay leaves and crushed juniper along with the wine and stock. Venison is exceptionally lean and tender, so only needs the bare minimum of cooking. And here’s your first tip:

Bring the sides of the bacon up to the top and overlap to seal. When the pan is hot, add the venison either diced or the whole piece if this is what you are using. Seared indian flavoured venison by neil brazier.

This grilled venison backstrap gives filet mignon a run for its money for sure. Sear for 40 seconds on the largest side, then flip and sear for another 40 seconds. Place a large casserole pan on the stove an add 2 tbsp vegetable oil.

Sear for 10 seconds on each of the remaining sides, then baste in butter or oil for a further 20 seconds. For all of you who may not have access to venison, try this marinade with beef tenderloin or ribeye steaks. Keep the venison backstrap whole.

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